I was one of the lucky recipients of Mike Ossmann‘s awesome HackRF Jawbreaker boards. I have a Ubuntu laptop I can play around with at work, but MacBook at home. I am not complaining! I wish I had a Mac at work too.

Anyhow I wanted to get it up and running on my Mac, so I could use it both at work and home. Luckily I found someone had already written up how to install GNURadio and an RTLSDR (a similar SDR) on OSX. All I had to do was fork it and extend it to add in support for HackRF.

I have a write up over at my GitHub. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you!

2 thoughts on “HackRF SDR on OSX”

  1. Also, need to add:

    brew update && brew tap titanous/homebrew-gnuradio

    before installing RTLSDR, otherwise you get an error.

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