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  • Silly WebSocket mistake

    I recently was trying to add a websocket to an existing NodeJS Express app I had written. Here is the important code below:   const WebSocket = require(‘ws’); const app = express(); const server = http.createServer(app); const wss = new WebSocket.Server({ server }); app.listen(8080, function listening() { console.log(‘Listening on %d’, server.address().port); }) I kept getting […]

  • This time I am definitely sure it works with 3.7

    So everytime I think I have my Smartnet Recorder working with GnuRadio 3.7, I find another bug. This time it had to do with having the control channel to the far edge of the sample range. The control channel was around 854.86MHz, the center was at 858MHz and the sample rate was 8Msps. This put […]

  • Pi + Node = Interactive, Internet Connected LED Message Board

    While it is great to have the latest headlines up on your message board, it is even better being able to add in a message about how thankful you are that it is Friday. The final touch for my LED Message Board project was to add in a web page that made it easy to […]

  • C++ Node JS Module for SPI Bus LED Signs

    In the past couple of posts, I have documented how I built a LED Message board using some modules from Sure Electronics and then wrote a C program to scroll messages across it. This of course cool, but to really make it insteresting you need interesting messages to scroll. To get interesting messages you have […]

  • Raspberry Pi to LED Message Board via SPI

    While hooking up my Sure LED Matrix up to my Raspberry Pi using USB worked… it could work better. Using the Driver board from Sure, you can only scroll character by character which doesn’t look that smooth. So instead of using the driver board to interface with the matrixes, I directly connected it to the […]

  • Using Node.JS behind a proxy

    I have my Raspberry Pi setup at work and it is stuck behind a proxy. Here are some helpful tips I have found from across the web:   Requests from Node var http = require(“http”); var options = { host: “proxy”, port: 8080, path: “”, headers: { Host: “” } }; http.get(options, function(res) { console.log(res); […]

  • Approving Eye-Fi Facebook Uploads

    I got a Eye-Fi Wifi SD Card for Christmas. It works great on my Canon 5d3 and gives me the wifi uploading that Canon should have baked in from the start (they added it into the cheaper 6d, ugh!). It can upload to a number of online services, including Facebook. I set it up and […]

  • Raspberry Pi

    I recently got a Raspberry Pi. It is awesome. I am going to use this post to keep track of everything I have done to get it setup. Config program: Expand filesystem to size of SD card Set locale to EN(us) UTF8 Enable SSH Add proxy to apt-get: sudo su echo ‘Acquire::http::Proxy “http://yourproxyaddress:proxyport”;’ > /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10proxy […]

  • WP_List_Table and an Extra Nonce

    I am working on a WordPress plugin. For part of it I am adding a Metabox onto the Post Edit screen in the admin section. However things stop working if I add a WP_List_Table. That is because by default the list table adds a _wpnonce field, even though there is already one there for the […]

  • Tilestream: Fixing interaction

    When I upgrade to a new version of Tilestream / Wax, apparently the method for adding interactivity change. Before I think it pulled some of the info from a JSON file. It can still do this, but my files seemed to include localhost versions of the server. Anyhow, long story short, you need to make […]