Author: luke

  • HackRF SDR on OSX

    I was one of the lucky recipients of Mike Ossmann‘s awesome HackRF Jawbreaker boards. I have a Ubuntu laptop I can play around with at work, but MacBook at home. I am not complaining! I wish I had a Mac at work too. Anyhow I wanted to get it up and running on my Mac, […]

  • Linux Driver For Sure Electronics DE-DD22111

    In addition to offering cool LED modules, Sure Electionics also offers a nice Demo / Driver board to go along with them. The only bummer is that the driver board needs a Windows Java program to run if you want to send text to it, to be displayed. I did some backwards engineering and looked […]

  • $100 Internet Enabled LED Message Board

    The Raspberry Pi is a lot of fun to play with but I wanted to do something “useful” with it. The obvious solution was of course to connect something fun to it. I have always wanted to have a message board all to my own so I can display my wisdom and entertain my co-workers. […]

  • Forcing a Visual or HTML Mode in WP_Editor

    If you are incorporating the built-in TinyMCE editor into a WordPress Plugin using wp_editor() it is possible to force it into a mode. Simply latch onto the wp_default_editor hook: add_filter( ‘wp_default_editor’, ‘force_default_editor’ ); function force_default_editor() {     //allowed: tinymce, html, test     return ‘tinymce’; }