iPad 2 – White vs. Black

So I managed to get myself an iPad 2. Not an easy feat. It took me several trips to the Apple store and a couple to target and the Verizon store. I actually managed to get two iPads… The first a white one and them finally a black one from the apple store. Managing to get an iPad during the opening weekend was a feat of luck, some one returned the white one and I got it. So why did I return it? The truth is that I like the white one, but I like the black one even more. With the white bezel some things like photos and videos don’t like quite right and I think that white balance is to blame.

Your eye automatically determines what “white” is on the fly. White can range from yellowish to blueish, but when your eye views it and it appears to be pu re white. However when you view two different hues of white your mind has to pick one. I had that problem with the white bezel of the iPad. Either the bezel looks sort of off or white is on the screen does. I watched one of the sample movies in the Apple store and the movie had been color cast sort of yellowish like many movies are. On the black iPad you didn’t really notice because your eye doesn’t have any other reference points. However, with the white iPad it made seem more pronounced because the bezel was numeral and served as a reference point.

It is a great device and I am sure if I used it for a bit I would get over it. However the Verizon store has a restocking fee if you open something. The fact that at&t and Verizon are the only people selling the iPad that have a restocking fee highlights the big divide between carriers and the rest of the tech market. Anyhow since I couldn’t open up the white iPad I sent it back… Which was really tough to do!

After a bit of getting up early and waiting in line at the Georgetown Apple a couple days I. Was able to get the exact iPad I wanted, a black 32 gb Verizon iPad 2. I plan on using it for blogging and twittering on the fly. I will try to be good and keep things updated on how it is working.