Most of my recent code it up at GitHub. The latest code for my recipe plugin, Recipe Schema, is at WordPress. The code below is 10+ years old – 



This Palm Pilot is designed to work with an attached GPS unit. You bring both jogging with you and Trax will provide you with details from you workout including a map of your run and a graph of how fast you ran throughout your run.


I developed Trax for my senior year project in 2000. When I originally developed this, there was nothing out there like it. Currently there are a number of interesting products in this space including GPS units that can be worn as watches and help you monitor your workout.

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Source Code:



Trax & Conduit Installer
Plam files: Trax prc – requires MathLib prc

Trax Manual

GPS Time

GPS Time is simple Palm Pilot program that allows you to set your Palm’s clock from a GPS device. GPS works by receiving very processing timing information from satellites. Their time is very accurate and now your Palm Pilot’s clock can be too!

Source code & program