Tilestream: Tiles not found

I just upgraded to a newer version of Tilestream. Unfortunately after doing that, all my maps stopped working. When I went to my Tilestream UI, I was able to see that it was up and it was finding the MBTILE files. When I clicked on info, it became clear that the URL had changed. Instead of having it be server/1.0.0/map it was now server/v2/map.

However after fixing my URLs, it still wasn’t working. Turns out I also needed to switch the mapping scheme from TMS to XYZ in the tilejson. Definitely not a seamless upgrade and I didn’t really see this change documented anywhere. I am still trying to figure out what I need to change to make interactivity work.


In your tilejson object, try changing the scheme to xyz instead of tms and let me know if that fixes the problem.