Google Gadgets

I am working on a new top secret project and part of it involves a Google Gadget. I just spent 2 hours trying to work out why links get stuck in an iframe instead of the parent page.

Here is the answer that took a while to find:

External Links

Gadgets that wish to direct the user to a third-party site should do so in a new window. All links should set target="_blank" in any href tags so that external links do not open inside of the gadget’s iframe.

Gov 2.0 Expo & Summit

I went to the Gov 2.0 Summit today. It was a great experience. It was really great to see all these people coming to together for Gov. I am excited for the Summit tomorrow. It should bring together some real heavy hitters.

They also announced the winners of Apps for America. Data Masher got the top slot, Gov Pulse got second, and This we Know got third. A great showing from everyone. Apparently the votes were very close.

Apps for America 2 – winners

They have announced the winners for Apps for America 2. I submitted two apps which I had clobbered together. Unfortunately I didn’t make it as a finalist or win the visualization prize. The Apps that did win were written by teams of people who actually know what they are doing… I am just happy I got something working. This was my first experience using PHP to pull web data from APIs and I learned a lot. I am still hoping I win one of the 10 honorable mentions!

Submitted two apps

I submitted two apps to the Apps for America 2 contest. They provide an interface to the website, taking you current location and providing information on the federal money being spent locally.

Local Spending – Provides you information on the federal money being spent in your current zip code, district or state.

Local Recovery – Provides the amount of federal recovery money that has been spent in your current zip code, district or state.

While I hope I win something, I had a lot of fun just working on the apps. I got to learn a lot about using PHP to pull in information from an API and restructure it. Good times!