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  • Getting Zend / PEAR to work on Ubuntu

    So I recently switched over from a shared host (1&1) to a Virtual Private Server ( Linode ). With the VPS you still share a server, but you are in complete control of everything. You have to get things up in running from a blank image. This means installing Apache, PHP and all the other […]

  • Creating a GeoCMS in Drupal with Custom Map Tiles

    So somehow I stumbled across the idea that I would like to display different nodes on map. Instead of listing different post sequentially in a list like a blog, I want to plot them on a map based upon some sort of geographic tagging. The whole reason I wanted to do that is so I […]

  • Color in KML is all wrong!

    I am working on building a Widget for the ESRI Flex Viewer that will import KML files from Google Earth. It is pretty easy to do, they already have a widget which imports GeoRSS feeds and Google has sample Flex Code for importing KML files into a Flex Google Maps viewer. The real work is […]

  • Zend Framework, Gdata, Blogger and AuthSub

    So I am working on adding the ability to post to Blogger on the current project I am working on. It has been a tricky road getting there, so I thought I would “document” my learning trail. First place to start out is this getting started page for posting to Blogger using Gdata. There is […]

  • Google Wave

    I got my Google Wave invite… now what? Is anyone using it for anything cool yet?

  • Google Gadgets

    I am working on a new top secret project and part of it involves a Google Gadget. I just spent 2 hours trying to work out why links get stuck in an iframe instead of the parent page. Here is the answer that took a while to find: External Links Gadgets that wish to direct […]

  • Sustainable Software

    Interesting, comparing sustainable architecture to software development. Long term impacts of IT spending. The cost of software failures get externalized as software profits. Another great presentation at Gov 2.0 summit

  • Smart People at Gov 2.0

    I just saw Aneesh talk at the Gov 2.0 summit. I really hope the smartness at the administration level starts trickling down to the agency level.

  • Gov 2.0 Expo & Summit

    I went to the Gov 2.0 Summit today. It was a great experience. It was really great to see all these people coming to together for Gov. I am excited for the Summit tomorrow. It should bring together some real heavy hitters. They also announced the winners of Apps for America. Data Masher got the […]

  • Apps for America 2 – winners

    They have announced the winners for Apps for America 2. I submitted two apps which I had clobbered together. Unfortunately I didn’t make it as a finalist or win the visualization prize. The Apps that did win were written by teams of people who actually know what they are doing… I am just happy I […]

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